My name is Catherine and I am the founder of Co-Creating Magic. Through my photography, I have discovered the great joy of rekindling an intimate relationship with nature. What began as a deep inner journey and desire to capture my unique experiences on camera, organically evolved into the creation of my business.

The launch of Co-Creating Magic is a celebration on so many levels. Let me begin by stating that I am not a professional photographer. I have never taken a photography class, and to be truly honest, I don't know the first thing about many of the functions on my camera. 

When I finally picked up a camera several years ago, it was because I wanted to capture my unique experiences with Nature and create a visual memory of what was inspiring me. I began each adventure by doing two essential things: first, I would deliberately connect to the sacred aspects of Nature; and second, I would ask the question, “What magic are we creating today?” This opened up an entirely new world for me. Some days I had twenty pictures of magic, and some days I was blessed if I captured one. But the pictures weren't really the point; they were a bonus. The real gem was in the 'experience' and the realization that for the first time in my life, I was being totally present. I now understand it is through practicing the art of Presence, that the veils lift and the realms of alchemy and enchantment reveal themselves. 

Allowing my senses and awareness to guide me, I discovered this process I call “Intuitive Photography”. More often than not, by following this guidance, I stumble upon something magical, like a blue heron standing serenely in the creek. It is important for me to convey that I do not stage my photos in any way. Many people ask questions like “Did you put the eyes on the tree to create Childlike Mind?”, or, “Did you hang the golden angel by the creek in Bright Future?”, and my reply is always “no”.

For twenty years I have been co-creating with Nature. The magic is the 'process' that is unfolding... continually guiding me and moving me forward. I sincerely believe, anything that can help us transcend the mundane and move into a direct experience of the sublime – is magical. 

My company, Co-Creating Magic, is fueled by my desire to honor our sacred planet and to bring her captivating beauty, wisdom and delight into the hearts of people all over the world. As an artist, I need to create beauty. In these trying times, I am convinced that beauty is a fundamental pillar of life and essential for healing our world. In my creative endeavors I am twice blessed: first, through my delight out in Nature; and second, by sharing this beauty and delight with others.